How does a self-service laundry work?

To use our laundry, you only need to bring your laundry and means of payment (cash or credit card). On site you can buy professional detergents or use your laundry detergent. You can both wash and dry in two types of dryers: 10kg and 15kg. The 10 kg dryers dry with a heat pump, which is intended for clothes. For bed linen and towels we recommend electric dryers - 15kg.

When entering the laundry, select and load the selected washing machine. The laundry does not need to weigh beforehand, but choose a drum that will fit the laundry and leave space in the washing machine so that the laundry can rotate during washing. Then close the washing machine by turning the knob in the direction of the arrows. After that, select the wash temperature on the display using the PROGRAM SELECTION arrow. Single temperature is a main wash, double temperature refers to a cycle with prewash. Now pay for the selected machine according to the number on each of them and purchase detergents. Before buying a powder, check if the cups are in the dispenser when the cups are missing, the machine will spread the powder and spill the liquid. Then, place the detergents in the appropriate chambers, on top of the washing machine, as described, at the chambers. Press the green START button. At this point the washing machine will weigh the laundry, close the catch and start washing. There is no possibility to interrupt the washing.

Spinning 1200 rpm.


In our laundry we wash in water, so called wet wash. This process is the most fabric-friendly, but also the human and the environment friendly. Thanks to our laundry you will save time because the entire washing and drying cycle takes an average of 1.5h. At the same time, you can use 7 washing machines with a total capacity of over 70 kg and 6 modern dryers of similar capacity. Our dryers are innovative, thanks to heat pump technology, the dryers dry gently and without damaging the fabric.

Our washing machines are industrial machines, which means that primarily they are sterile, thanks to the use of professional washing programs - quick and thanks to a special drum they get great quality laundry every time. Detergent available on site is a set of laundry detergent + rinsing liquid. These are professional detergents, industrial, used in large laundries: hotel, hospital, wet laundries. Of course, you can use your own detergents.

Our laundry detergent, made from soda and soap, has no odor, which makes it human friendly. It does not cause allergies.
The rinsing liquid is characterized by a very pleasant, fresh and long lasting fragrant, up to about a month. The liquid has an intelligent formula that activates when moving or rubbing the fabric.



Dryers do not spin the laundry. The dryer must be inserted only with well spun laundry.

To effectively dry the laundry without wrinkles or shrinkage, the dryer must be loaded up to half and select a drying temperature similar to or 10 degrees higher than the washing temperature.

We recommend drying:

Synthetic fabrics 30 min temperature 50-60 degrees

Underwear, thin cotton fabrics, synthetic mix + cotton 50-60 degrees 40 minutes

Towels, bed sheets, jeans 40 min temperature 50-60 degrees

Shirts, delicate fabrics 30-40 minutes temperature 40-50 degrees

Woolen blankets, woolen quilts 30 minutes temperature of 60 degrees

Down 40 min temperature 60 degrees + balls

Feathers min 60 min, 60 degrees + balls

Down jacket 40 minutes, 40-50 degrees + balls